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Management & Leadership Development

Transform your leadership and management skills through a range of sound and trusted methods:

  • Behaviour observations
  • 360 feedback analysis
  • Action learning
  • Virtual coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Face to face coaching

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Short Corporate Training Services

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  • Breakfast briefing
  • Lunchtime learning
  • Evening event talk
Workplace wellbeing subject matter expertise includes:
    • Management competencies that reduce stress
    • Mindfulness techniques
    • Mental health first aid awareness
    • Reflective leadership
    • Compassionate organizations
    • Social skills for the workplace


Educating Spa Professionals

If you are a spa director, manager or senior practitioner visit the online academy to view new courses. Go to Online Courses HERE  

Advanced spa Therapist academy (2)


You can also download the face to face training

Brochure HERE

Spa Training Brochure

Corporate Well-being Packages and Prices

Employee Well-being Service Details

You know you need help with employee well-being but you’re not sure where to start or what to do for the best. Below find an array of workplace well-being project packages and retention arrangements for companies in any sector.

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